POWER Rewards

about POWER rewards

amazing 'POWER' reward program

You enjoy an amazing 'POWER' Points offer on retail purchase transactions on Ajman Bank 'POWER' credit card. Redeem your POWER points for outstanding offers on ticket bookings, hotel reservations, dining experience and much more. Your earned 'POWER' Points will be credited to your loyalty account. You will be eligible for POWER Points on all your retail transactions as reflected on your monthly card statement.

The more you use your Ajman Bank 'POWER' Credit Card for retail purchase, the more & quick chances you have to redeem your 'POWER' points against a variety of powerful options for yourself and your loved ones. To get you started, below are the few benefits for you to instantly redeem your 'POWER' points.

1. Online Redemption

You can redeem your POWER Points from anywhere in the world at your convenience by simply logging on this POWER Credit Card rewards website.

2.Fly Any Airline, Any Destination, Any Route & Any Date

You have multiple options to choose from over 300 airlines to redeem your POWER points. So, design your travel as per your choice.

  • You can choose any destination for the long awaited Travel Holiday. You can fly anywhere and redeem your POWER Points conveniently.
  • Fly your preferred airline around the world and experience the travel as you like it. There is no restriction for you to book your flight with UAE as origin. You can select any origin while booking your travel and can further plan your travel on the go.
  • Enjoy the freedom of travel at you own selected dates. There is no restriction on the blackout dates for your travel plan.
  • Redeem your POWER Points to gift your loved ones & family with the holiday of their dreams.

3. Stay Anywhere

With over 300,000 hotel reservation option, make your travel memorable with a hotel stay of your choice by simply making a reservation of your hotel using POWER Points.

4. Experience Shopping

Shop for home appliances, smart phones, gift vouchers, all from the comfort of your home

5. Book a delivery of Electronic items at your doorstep

Use you 'POWER' points to redeem for booking your favourite electronic item and get it delivered to your door step. The delivery charges may apply.

your 'POWER' credit card earns you:

1. POWER point for every usd 1 spend on retail spends

The simple Illustration below will showcase how you can redeem your accumulated POWER Points and enjoy a either a FREE Travel experience or gift your loved ones using Ajman Bank 'POWER' credit card.

Usage / Spend AED Transaction USD Equivalent Transaction 'POWER' Points Earned
Grocery AED 2,398 $800 800 POWER Pts.
Shopping AED 3,674 $1,000 1,000 POWER Pts.
Education Fee AED 2,570 $700 700 POWER Pts.
Utilities AED 1,000 $272 272 POWER Pts.
International Usage AED 3,630 $988 988 POWER Pts.
Other AED 2,350 $640 640 POWER Pts.
Total AED 16,162 $4,400 4,400 POWER Pts.

A total monthly spend of USD 4,400 regularly will earn you 52,800 'POWER' Points in a year which you can redeem against either a ticket purchase or hotel bookings or order a gift for your loved ones for special occasions.

Maximum 'POWER' Point accrual :

In a given calendar month, maximum 'POWER' point can be earned up to the limit of your 'POWER' credit card. 'POWER' Point will be awarded for eligible posted retail transactions only in chronological order.